tandem is an advocate of entrepreneurship and angel investing in the region, and believes that these are the primary drivers for the creation of a knowledge-based economy and increased employment in the Middle East. tandem has developed and participated in various socially responsible and educational initiatives that are focused on supporting entrepreneurship and creating an ecosystem for investment in startups and small to medium enterprises. Among them include:

goSolo workshops

tandem has developed its own proprietary set of workshops focused on guiding entrepreneurs through all the areas of launching and growing a business. These workshops are targeted at anyone who wants to start or has recently started a business. Through this initiative we aim to facilitate the creation of an entrepreneurial culture and build talent across the region.

governments and universities

Universities are essentially the main source of entrepreneurs and governments are one of the main drivers for the development of an ecosystem that facilitates entrepreneurship. We participate in presentations focused on educating people on starting a business, provide training on entrepreneurship to students at universities and work with government departments to support the development of entrepreneurship.

business plan competitions

Entrepreneurs need an opportunity to showcase their concepts. We support applications for local and regional business plan competitions, participate in, sponsor and create competitions for budding entrepreneurs that allow them to showcase their ideas and receive advice and mentorship as well as capital to help launch their business.

entrepreneur-in-residence program

tandem realizes the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs in starting a business, and has developed an entrepreneur-in-residence program for particular individuals that:

  • Have started a business before
  • Are interested in starting their own venture or working in a startup
  • Are looking to gain knowledge of building business plans, growing a business and evaluating investment opportunities
  • Have strong sector experience

The entrepreneur would work on tandem related projects, while developing their business using tandems infrastructure, expertise and relationships. Please send us your CV with a cover letter if you are interested in this position.


tandem sponsors and actively supports any event related to entrepreneurship and small to medium enterprises. We are always willing to host and participate in conferences, seminars and activities that help spur business development, innovation and growth in the Middle East.