tandem ventures is an incubator and angel investor, targeting stakes in early stage, innovative businesses. The company invests its own capital or provides advice in exchange for equity into promising startup opportunities where it can add value through its (up)start, (in)telligence and (in)vestment services, relationships and mentoring from its advisory board. In addition, tandem ventures researches, incubates and develops its own ideas into real businesses by adding value through advisory and strategic partnerships.

tandem has already made investments into two fledgling startups and is always looking for new opportunities where it can add value. Using our proprietary screening criteria, and knowledge and experience in the region, we are able to identify gaps in the market and take minority stakes in businesses that have strong management teams and a highly scalable business. We take on a CFO role in all of our portfolio companies, focusing on creating a clear and realistic budget and overall strategy, allowing the entrepreneur to go out and drive the business. If you are interested in learning more about how tandem can help you, please feel free to contact us directly and we can discuss how we can work together to help grow your business.



tandem ventures co-founded Toolman Maintenance Company in February 2010 to cater for the growing demand from home-owners for convenient, reliable and hassle-free maintenance services. The company provides electrical, plumbing and a/c maintenance, painting and handyman work, as well as annual maintenance contracts for villas, offices, warehouses, buildings and apartments.


purple pr

Purple PR is a boutique agency specializing in traditional public relations and social media consultancy and execution. At Purple PR, we believe in the power of building a reputation, transforming perceptions and painting things a whole new color.